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Swatches of Launch Shades


Reptar is supposed to resemble the green T-Rex on the TV show Rugrats. Reptar has orange and lavender hex glitter and smaller black, white and neon green hex glitter in a light blue base. Reptar dries gritty, giving it the texture of a real T-Rex (or so I imagine). You can smooth it out with a couple of coats of a thick top coat like Seche Vite. 


Tranquil is a beautiful calming turquoise filled with lavender hex glitter, small light blue and purple hex glitter, large turquoise square glitter and small indigo flakes.


Pacific has a mix or large blue and holo turquoise hex glitter, turquoise bar glitter and small silver holo glitter in a blue jelly base. Pacific was inspired by the ocean with the sun shining on it (the Pacific Ocean to be exact). It's especially pretty in the sun with all those holo glitters sparkling. The blue jelly base is sheer at first but builds up after three coats. 


Purple Addiction has a mix of purple square glitter, smaller purple hex glitter in a sparkly purple base. This also has blue and subtle pink sparkles. I made Purple Addiction as a tribute to my love of the colour purple. I like purple.


Evening Amethyst is a deep purple shimmer. This is a good base for Milky Way


Black Cherry has a mix of large and small red hex glitters, large red square glitter and small black hex glitter in a deep red toned purple base. After three coats the base looks almost black.


Mardi is a mix of pink hex glitter and small gold glitter in a pink base. The small gold glitter helps build up the opacity and this one only needs two coats.


Ablaze has a mix of yellow, orange and red shreds and yellow, orange, red and black hex glitter in a fiery orange base. The shreds make this one a little gritty so you'll need a couple of coats of top coat. 


Sandpit has a mix of blue and yellow shreds, large green hex glitter, large and small red hex glitter, and small black, white and brown glitter in a creamy brown base. Sandpit is supposed to look like children's toys partially buried in sand. 


Milky Way is made up of orange to green and blue to purple colour shifting glitter of different shapes and sizes in a clear base. Milky Way is best worn over a dark colour. I'm wearing it over Alanna Renee - Evening Amethyst in the swatch above. 

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